Connecting to Farmax

Pasture Coach and Farmax have taken up an opportunity to support our shared clients.

A pasture cover walk entered into Pasture Coach can now be shared with Farmax without a single extra key stroke.

How does this happen? You enter your pasture cover data into Pasture Coach either on the computer or smart phone app, then synchronise and your information will automatically transfer into Farmax Dairy and be available next time the monitoring file is opened.

This will save double entry of information and enables both software tools to be used in data recording and decision support.

Users will need a one-off connection to align the farm and the paddocks. Continue using Pasture Coach in the normal manner, ensuring you synchronise after each farm walk. Then each time Farmax is open the user will have the opportunity to reply to the question, “do you want to add this data” select the “Add now” option and the information is updated.

You will need to be a registered user of both Pasture Coach and Farmax Dairy prior to connection.

The following steps to connect only have to be done once. Then whenever data is entered into Pasture Coach, either from the personal computer, or the mobile application, and synchronised, the data is transferred to Farmax.

Step 1: progress to the Pasture Coach Website, and sign in or sign up

Step 2: Select "Connect to Farmax" menu item, and then click: Connect to Farmax button.

Step 3: Enter your Farmax Dairy login details.
Enter your Farmax email and password to allow Pasture Coach to share data with your Farmax account and click "Login".

If you have never used a username and password to access FARMAX, please call 0800 FARMAX or email to get your details.

Step 4: The last step is to join your Pasture Coach and Farmax farm(s). If you only have a single farm, this is easy, just select it. If you have multiple farms, ensure you match up your farms so the pasture data is shared with the correct farm in Farmax

Step 5: Using either from the personal computer, or the mobile application, enter your pasture recording into Pasture Coach as you normally do and then synchronise. The data is will now also be transferred to Farmax.
Note: there can be a short delay has the data moves from Pasture Coach and appears in Farmax. Normal transfer will occur within ten minutes.