Regional growth for the last seven days

Region Average cover Average growth
Northland 2109 25
Wairarapa & Hawkes Bay 2619 31
Southland 2327 8

What is Pasture Coach?

Pasture Coach is pasture management software with an annual subscription and a data entry app. The data are stored in the cloud for easy sharing of data with staff members, partners and your support team.

Once a farm is setup with paddocks and paddock areas, regular pasture cover walks are entered. Calculated growth rates can be accepted or rejected if there is a long gap between readings.

Pasture growth rates and average pasture covers are reported in both table and graph form– this is all the basic pasture management stuff.

Pasture Coach goes beyond this and has tools to record individual paddock yields, annual pasture growth, graphs of pasture covers and graphs of average pasture growth rates.

Then there are a number of management tools that help the day to day decisions.

We get rave reviews on the Feed Wedge predictor tool and the rotation calculator becomes an everyday item to test thinking and plan.

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How much does Pasture Coach cost?

  • The annual license fee for Pasture Coach in the Cloud is $225 including GST per farm. No fee for 3rd parties –the license holder can add you to their farm, all you need to do is to sign up, so you are available to add as a user to a farm.
  • If you have a previous version of Pasture Coach and wish to upgrade, please send your backup to and we will convert your data for free.

Check out what Pasture Coach can do?

Once setup with paddock number/name and paddock sizes, the farm walks can be entered. Our clients regularly feedback how easy it is to find their way around the program and get data in. As pasture covers are entered the pasture growth rate of individual paddocks is calculated and the user decides if they will be included. Pasture Coach keeps every record and uses to determine how much every paddock grows. After the pasture walk has been entered the reports and tools are ready to use.

  • Classic feed wedge – get a view of the pasture cover and immediately see where a surplus or deficit exists.
  • Grazing window line – enter the target pre-grazing and residuals to diagnose more closely diagnose the situation and plan a response.
  • Rotation calculator – often the first Pasture Coach tool to be utilised. This provides a guide on targets – pre-grazing, residuals, rotation speed, and target re-growth rates.
  • Predict Wedge – what will the pasture cover look like before the next round is finished. Enter cow numbers, expected growth and how much grass the cows are expected to eat – then look at what might happen. Good for planning short term management
  • Advanced predict wedge and Conservation tool - when you need to plan for an interim period (4-12 weeks ahead), dropping out paddocks for supplements, crop, or new grass. Good for building a flexible pasture management plan.
  • Annual Pasture Yield – how much grass is the farm growing? How much is each paddock growing?
  • Pasture cover and pasture growth diary – a graph that builds with every farm walk entered creating an excellent summary season on season.