Getting Started

For new users of Pasture Coach use the following step by step directions for getting started. For those who have an older version of Pasture Coach in use, skip this and go to "Getting Started – Existing User"

Go to "Sign Up", register yourself and your farm, ideally this will be the person paying the License Fee and the person who will control others access. There is No Obligation when you sign up and download to test the software.

When you register or at any time logon to this website and give permission to those 3rd parties you want to provide full access to your farms data.

Download the software.

Pasture Coach will then be loaded in your Programs folder – double click to access and/or click and drag onto your desktop.

Setup your farm and load in each paddock number or name, and the effective area of the paddock.

Enter your pasture cover walk – remember to click the “Save” icon once finished.

Check out your feed wedge and try the difference calculators.

Synchronise your data into the Cloud.

Done: You now have Pasture Coach working on your computer and your data safely backed up in the cloud.

Next: try using the various tools. The graphs and pasture growth tools will need two farm walks to be entered to be fully operational.

Finally: when you enter your third farm walk and chose to purchase an annual license, Pasture Coach will lead you through the On-Line payment steps.

Easy? If you encounter any problems let us know Contact Us

Getting Started – adding someone to access my farms Pasture Coach data

When someone wants to access and use Pasture Coach for a farm, but is not the primary user you need to work through the following process.

The Primary User will go online to this site, logon, then add your email address to the list of permitted users.

Then the new user will need to go to “Sign Up”, and register themselves. There is no cost for 3rd Party users.

They will be prompted to download Pasture Coach ITC.

The software will then automatically recognise their logon and will provide permission to access the farm(s) data.

Please note there is no “read only” feature for 3rd parties. By giving them permission to your data you must have protocol in place for adding any new farm walk data.

Getting Started – Existing User

For clients already using older versions of Pasture Coach we will provide free support to change and upgrade your database to Pasture Coach ITC. Please note the transfer to Pasture Coach ITC will require payment of an annual license fee.

To convert to Pasture Coach ITC

  1. Enter into your old version of Pasture Coach, go to Tools/Backup-Restore/Backup and save the file to a folder or location (memory stick). Then email us at and attach the file. As a logon name we will use your email address.
  2. Allow for two working days delay while we will establish your data in the cloud and return by email a logon and temporary password. You then go online, back to this website and “sign in”, see the top right of screen. You will need to download the software which includes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Then complete some registration details including conformation of your region and district.

This is a once only requirement for each farm and you should be live and ready to use Pasture Coach ITC.

Pasture Coach – offline payment and research use of the software.

For prospective Pasture Coach users who are unable to pay online and for promotional/research use the team at Pasture Coach can set you and your farm up. You will need to contact us by email at

We will need a contact phone number and a best time for calling. Please allow a couple of days for contact to be made.